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If you are a long-time resident or just moving to St Louis, you may be confused as to why there are so many municipalities in the area.  That's a question that many of have asked when considering the many overlaps and duplications of services.  

After considerable deliberation, you finally come to the realization that St. Louis is a collection of historic districts that have evolved into neighborhoods with their own governing bodies, their own identities, their own pride and self-esteem, and determined to keep that way.  Regardless of the efficiencies that could come from a more integrated community, University City, Clayton, Maplewood, Chesterfield, and more want to keep it their way.

This map offers a way of seeing our "neighborhoods."


Everything You Want to Know About Greater

Metropolitan St. Louis Are.

This is an amazing web site that will allow you to drill down to find the answers to questions you may have regarding the St. Louis area.  There are so many cities and neighborhoods in the community that it can be very confusing to obtain answers that you may have when trying to decide where to buy.  


Taste of St. Louis


A wonderful event featuring local restaurants and Art vendors.  

One of the great pluses of St. Louis is that there are so many restaurants that cater to many ethnic desires.  You want Italian, you got it.  You want Chinese, you got it.  You want Thai, you got it.  You want deli, you got it. You want bar-b-que, you got it. So many neighborhoods have their own restaurants that it can be challenging to decide what and where to eat.  But isn't that part of the fun of life!


Explore St. Louis

Wondering what to do?  Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the choices of activities can be overwhelming.  If you want family activities or adult entertainment, there is no lack of choices. Just click on "Explore St. Louis" to see your choices.  This site is constantly being updated, so click here frequently.



There are fantastic schools of all types in St. Louis, but the sheer number of variety of options can make finding the right school daunting.  If you want to understand the differences between Private, Magnet, Charter, and Neighborhood schools, go to this web site.  It is all the information you need to make the best choice for your one place.


Welcome to St. Louis City


Lafayette Square