Crazy Market

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Subject: Crazy Market

 Are you confused about the state of the real estate market? If you are, join the rest of us. As a real estate agent, I am getting hyped every day about the market in St. Louis. Right now, trying to find a house that has just come on the market and is perfect for my client is almost impossible. Even if it suddenly appears and I tell my client about it that house could be under contract that day it hits the market and often there are multiple offers at prices higher than list. Talk about frustration! Plus, if you do get the house with an offer above list, you then have to sweat out the appraisal. And if the appraisal is below the contract price, then what?

On the flip side of that coin, I am beginning to see articles expressing concern about the current inflated prices of homes and making negative comments regarding the value of a home that you may be buying. As an agent, my responsibility to assist my clients in deciphering these multiple components and making certain that my clients are getting value now and for the near future. Not easy but that is my responsibility. I am sending an article that I have posted in my web site that should be of interest as you consider your choices regarding current or future plans for your home.

Please call me or send a message regarding your thoughts and what I can do to assist you.

 In the meantime, please wear your mask.

Ronald Gorman, GRI, RRES, SRES, ABR